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My ancestral family lived mainly in the Abruzzi, now Abruzzo, region of Southern Italy, also in the Basilicata and Campania regions. I am second-generation Italian-American. This is my story about the how and the why Forever Italian is the persona given for my passion – all things Italian.


The reality of this present today began around 1997; my how began with the generous helping-hand of my husband, Don, who gifted me a genealogy software for my desktop computer; so going forward, I built my family tree and learned about my Italian family heritage. I undertook this ongoing experience of documenting my Italian ancestry with much zeal. Over the years, I researched historical documents both here in Southeastern Pennsylvania and in Abruzzo, Italy with much help from the folks who, at that time, owned and operated Abruzzo World Club, now currently known as Italy Heritage, a small family-owned business that specializes in genealogy.

During my many Italy trips throughout Abruzzo, Campania and many other regions from 1999 to 2008, I completed my genealogy research. It was both exciting and fulfilling. In reflection, the giving of Don’s gift to me some 20-plus years ago was to lead me to forge a working relationship with the family members who owned Abruzzo World Club at that time. From this working relationship, Abruzzo Tours (US) and Heart of Italy tours (Italy) sprung into being from 2000 to 2008.

Also, during these years, we began a part-time vendor business as visiting vendors to local Italian-American festivals. Our on-site vendor business took off in Southern Pennsylvania and South Jersey areas. At local Italian-American festivals and holiday church bazaars, I, along side my husband, Don, offered for purchase from our select variety of Italian fare and photography collection. Our “Gifts That Remember” is a variety of imported Italian-made merchandize, and Italian-theme jewelry; and “Photography d’Italia” is my collection of photographs taken in the many regions of Italy where my family research had taken me. Also, due to the experience I gained while researching records, documents and archives, I started “Genealogy d’Italia”, a part-time business by which I was able to help other Italian- Americans, relatives and friends to begin their family search and to fill out the branches of their family tree.


As for my why, Forever Italian is born from a belief that an unreached third-generation has grown within local Italian-American communities. These third-generation Italian-Americans may be less aware of their great Italian heritage, its time-tested traditions and regional customs – all foundational to what we believe is the eternal value of strong family ties within the Italian ancestry. Forever Italian merchandise, which we imported for Italy, was well received by visitors to local Italian-American festivals.

My persona, Forever Italian, is a working passion to engage folks who are meandering local Italian-American festivals with a viable format for these expressed purposes of 1) fostering an increased knowledge of the great Italian heritage 2) creating a deeper sense of tradition 3) aiding in the strengthening of family ties, and 4) promoting and sharing of useful information for Italian-Americans everywhere.


Now that you know of us, we have the desired intent to promote an Italian motif of memories through our website ForeverItalian.com – a.k.a. Forever Italian. Our website is an informational gateway for individuals of Italian descent, their relatives, and also their friends to again be mindful of the strength of family: Italian culture and customs, its long Italian history and its ancestry. Your on-line viewing of Forever Italian will both inform and guide you to visit us at our most current location of an Italian-American festival.


  • Gifts That Remember
  • Generations: Yesterday – Tomorrow
  • Photography d’Italia
  • Eyes On Italy: Unique and Natural
  • Genealogy d’Italia
  • Reflections: Family Generations

Ciao! Diana and Don are visiting vendors of local Italian-American festivals and church bazaars throughout the Southern Pennsylvania and South Jersey areas. Can we help you find us? dianareimer@ForeverItalian.com