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Preliminary Search Overview

Genealogy d’Italia
will conduct a preliminary search.  Your preliminary search involves:

·        Initial consultation

·        Collection of your known family information

·        Review of your known family information with consultation

·        Search of available resources

Genealogy d'Italia Researcher

When you choose Genealogy d’Italia to conduct your family search, you can expect these following benefits.

·        Printout of the family information uncovered during a preliminary search.

·        A prepared copy of uncovered documents delivered by mail, post paid. 

·        A written evaluation that addresses the available research options for its continuation. 

·        A follow up consultation provided by telephone, by e-mail or if feasible, a face-to-face meeting. 

·        A prepared estimate for the cost of further research based on our judgment and on the available resources.

Commission Fee for Preliminary Search

$150.00 USD

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Statement of Understanding

I understand that this form in no way engages Genealogy d’Italia until my information is evaluated and the feasibility of the research is established. The information I am providing here will be used by Genealogy d’Italia ONLY to get the necessary document/documents to start my research; evaluate the costs, time and feasibility of the research I am hereby requesting. My data will be treated in total confidence in compliance with US privacy law. I will receive the documents to my domicile with a detailed estimate and evaluation of all the possibilities and resources. The sum I agree to pay (fee for the family search) includes all costs of the starting documents, evaluation and shipment to my address. If my information is insufficient or inadequate to start a search, the amount paid to Genealogy d’Italia will be returned and an e-mail of explanation will be sent to me.

YOUR DETAILS (requester)

Contact information:
First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Mailing address:
Request information on:
Best way to contact you:

Your Details
(person about whose genealogy you want to inquire)

Instructions: Complete with all possible information as you have from documents, memory or otherwise (names, surnames, places and dates of birth, wedding, death, other relevant data, for any of the following items. Note: Of course, most of the family tree will be incomplete, add an asterisk (*) when you are not sure about the spelling and add a question mark (?) when the information is not completely certain

The following is what I know about the person about whom I am inquiring. I hereby declare that the person whose genealogy search I am requesting is connected to me: (1) as a relative or friend (2) who is now dead (3) who has been informed of and agrees with this research, and that I will use the information received as a consequence of this research only for lawful aims. Whatever information I will submit now by means of this form will be treated confidentially and only for the aim of this research, and never disclosed to anyone without my written permission, in compliance with the US Privacy Law.





Place and date (dd/mm/yyyy) of birth


Place and date (dd/mm/yyyy) of wedding


Place and date (dd/mm/yyyy) of death


Last known address



However with more information on your side, the research can produce more results. 
If there is additional information that you would like to supply, please feel free to contact us.


   Heart of Italy Tours      Search USA      Family Search Request      FAQs      Search Italy  


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