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Insurance Policy

MEDICO NOSTOP ITALY* - Summary of Services

When you arrive in a foreign country, apart from itineraries, cases and useful info, it is also important to plan your tranquility, both for you when traveling and for your relatives at home. A nonstop policy Europe assistance developed to this aim, since it offers the widest possible range of assistance and insurance cover in allowing you to solve each problem, even a slight one that may prevent the perfect success of your stay in Italy. In case of accident or sudden disease, you just call the Central Operational Center to activate service at the shortest possible notice available to you 24 hours x 7 days a week, 365 days per year service.  This is what the MEDICO NOSTOP ITALY policy offers you:



Medical Consulting

A doctor is always available for a telephone consultation to evaluate your health status.

Sending a doctor or ambulance in Italy

In case of accident or sudden disease a doctor or ambulance will be sent from Monday to Friday, 8.00 hours pm to 8 hours am, and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public and/or festive days**

Medical repatriation

In case an accident or sudden disease where it is necessary to return to your domicile in Italy or your city of residence, the transfer by plane, train or ambulance will be organized, and, if necessary, an accompanying doctor or family member.  Patients dismissed from hospitals and return for reasons of health recovery is organized.

Trip for a family member

In case of hospitalization for a length over 10 days, a family member’s trip that well allow him/her to reach the patient is organized

Care for minors

In case the insured person, because of accident or sudden disease, cannot take care of minors traveling in his/her company, their trip home with an escort is organized.

Prolonged stay

In case the insured person, because of accident or sudden disease, cannot return on the pre-established date, the insured has booking and payment of hotel and expenses needed for a prolonged stay.

 Early return

A return before the established time by train or plane in case of serious family reasons is organized



Reimbursement of Medical expenses

In case, because of accident or sudden illness and expenses for health, hospital, medication should become necessary for urgent, non-postponable treatment, than such expenses up to a maximum of 10,000 Euro can be reimbursed.

P.ZA TRENTO N. 8 - 20135 - MILANO

** From Monday to Friday, 8.00 hours am to 8 hours pm, Italian Hospitals system guarantee to everybody medical emergency assistance.


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